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MDC Flexo Doctor Blades


MDC Goldstar

  • High reliability due to hard coating and gentle to anilox roller due to additional soft coating

  • Suitable for abrasive inks

  • High print quality

  • Corrosion protection

Gravure -standard.PNG

MDC Soft

  • Proven flexo printing product, for both solvent and water-based inks

  • Surfaces are protected due to soft coating

  • Reduces score lines 

  • Corrosion protection

Flexo - Pearlstar.PNG

MDC Pearlstar

  • New coating technology reduce ink sticking to doctor blade and less drag out and streaks

  • Very good for cold seal

  • Corrosion protection

Gravure stainless.PNG

MDC Stainless

  • Corrosion resistant, good for water based inks, lacquers

  • Increased service life compared to standard blades

Gravure -standard.PNG

MDC Standard

  • High quality affordable European steel with smooth and sharp doctoring

Gravure Long life.PNG

MDC Longlife

  • Our best seller, used for every printing application

  • Very long service life and reduce streaks / hazing / drag outs 

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